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Last updated: 08 January 2015


  • This page reflects the top 20 most popular forms, as ranked by download stats, for 2015.
  • Statistics are compiled annually.
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Rank Form Name Form Title When To Use The Form
1 HR201 Application form for Staff Vacancies This form is used by all applicants applying for staff vacancies at UCT
2 HR140 Leave General leave form for PASS and academic staff


Clearance of research proposals (also known as C1)

When you are applying for research funding, such as contracts, consultancies, clinical trials and other research related activities.

4 FM045 Claim for reimbursement (UCT internal) When you need to be reimbursed for expenses that you have been authorised to incur on behalf of UCT
5 HR101 Personal Details When staff are appointed, when personal details of staff change, when payments are made to invigilators not employed by UCT
6 HR100a Appointment (for department use) This form is used in respect of all appointments handled by departments, excluding the appointment of students to roles linked to their studentship e.g. tutor, library assistant, sub-warden
7 MM010 Purchase order request When you want to request a purchase order


Request for journal: single entry form

When you want a journal passed of only 2 lines, to debit one Fund/G/L account and credit another.

9 FM032 Subsistence and travel (Local and Foreign) When you require subsistence for business travel. In addition, you may require an advance for related travel/accommodation expenses not covered by the S&T allowance
10 TA01 Staff parking application & renewal form

When renewing/applying for a staff parking disc.



Personal Performance System When recording performance and development discussions for PASS staff, within the Personal Performance System (PPS).


Claim for mileage reimbursement

When you have used your private vehicle on approved University business or field trip

13 HR204 Senior Executive Staff vacancies application form This form is used by all applicants applying for Senior Executive Staff  vacancies at UCT.
14 HR100b Appointment (for department use – students in roles linked to their studentship)

This form is used for the appointment of students to roles linked to their studentship (e.g. tutor, library assistant, sub-warden).



Request for journal: multiple entry form

When you want a journal passed of more than 2 lines, but less than or equal to 6 lines.

16 FHS013 New protocol application form - Section A When you need to apply for a new protocol - Section A.
17 HR125 Staff Tuition Rates When an employee or retiree applies for staff tuition rates.


Departmental Claim Form

Used as acceptance and claim form for departmental postgraduate scholarships.
19 HR105 Additional Payment When processing a once-off payment to a permanent or contract staff member already on the monthly payrun - or processing any allowance paid monthly.


Application for the Issue of a Third Party Identification and Access Control Card

When you want to apply for an access card for a third party who will be at UCT or need access to UCT structures for some period of time.

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